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Photos: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9 Premiere

Photos: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9 Premiere

Last night Nadia attended the season 9 premiere of The Walking Dead. I have added photos of her looking absolutely adorable to the gallery. Is anyone else crazy excited to see Nadia as Magna this season!? Remember the new season premieres Sunday October 7th at 9PM on AMC.


Press: The Walking Dead Season 9 Time Jump Length Confirmed

Press: The Walking Dead Season 9 Time Jump Length Confirmed

The Walking Dead Season 9 is planning a radical departure, and we don’t just mean the imminent exit of star Andrew Lincoln. Rather, after Season 8 showcased the killer climax to an apocalyptic conflagration known as “All Out War,” the series – similar to the comic book source material – will engage in what could be considered a soft reboot, with a time jump to a point in which the bitter conflict rests in the rearview mirror. Now, we know just how far in the future this will take place.

On AMC’s Sunday night preview special for The Walking Dead Season 9 – hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown, who’s warming the Talking Dead center seat for returning host Chris Hardwick – the exact length of the time jump was revealed. While the dais was headlined by new showrunner Angela Kang, also consisting of Ezekiel actor Khary Payton, it was the also-present cast member, Tom Payne, who plays Jesus, who revealed the crucial chronological info that Season 9 will take place 18 months after the events of the Season 8 finale, “Wrath.”

While The Walking Dead is still a television juggernaut that regularly banks ratings that other shows would kill to have, it’s taken major hits in the past few seasons, with the aforementioned Season 8 closer only earning about 7.9 million viewers, which is nearly half of what the series pulled during its Season 5 heyday. Consequently, Angela Kang has quite the lofty task ahead in her attempt to rejuvenate the formerly buzz-heavy hit.

Fortunately, the changes appear to be promising, at least based on the initial images and what’s been shown in the Comic-Con trailer. Indeed, it appears that the series will undergo a much-needed evolution, seemingly manifesting as a more atmospheric drama, with an aesthetic that sees technology – out of necessity of the ongoing apocalypse – scaled back, forgoing the use of gas-guzzling vehicles for horses and wagons. Moreover, the 18-month time jump will see things start in a time of relative peace amongst the neighboring communities, with the defeated big bad in Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan still locked in a cell in Alexandria, forced to witness the era of non-head-bashing reciprocity.

Of course, that’s all going to change quickly when the series introduces an array of new comic-adapted characters such as Magna (Nadia Hilker), the leader of a small group of wanderers who arrive at Alexandria, taking advantage of the offered hospitality, albeit while exercising great caution. Additionally, we’ll meet the next big bad of the series in Alpha (Samantha Morton), leader of the stealthy, animalistic group of survivors, called the Whisperers, who wear walker skin masks and weaponize large herds of the dead.

The Walking Dead Season 9 premieres on AMC on October 7.

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Press: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9 Casts Nadia Hilker as Magna

Press: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9 Casts Nadia Hilker as Magna

Nadia Hilker has been revealed as Magna, one of the many new faces joining The Walking Dead in season 9.

Hilker can be spotted in the just-released San Diego Comic-Con trailer as part of a newly encountered group of survivors.

Hilker portrayed Luna on The CW series The 100 and played Nita in 2016’s Allegiant, where she co-starred alongside Shailene Woodley and Theo James.

In Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, Magna is introduced in issue #127 — the beginning of the ‘A New Beginning’ arc, picking up roughly two years after ’All Out War’ and Rick Grimes’ defeat of Negan and the toppling of the Saviors.

Magna headed a group comprised of Yumiko, Magna’s girlfriend, couple Connie and Kelly, and Luke. The pack of survivors were first spotted in the surrounding area of Washington D.C. and were rescued by Jesus of the Hilltop before later integrating into the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

The character was later confirmed to be in a romantic relationship with Yumiko, who in the comics is Japanese-American. On Monday, ComicBook.com was the first to reveal Wonder Woman and Into the Badlands actress Eleanor Matsuura would be joining the series as Yumiko.

Hilker and Matsuura board a refreshed season 9 alongside series newcomers Dan Fogle (Fantastic Beasts), Zach McGowan (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Rhys Coiro (Ray Donovan), Brett Butler (Grace Under Fire), John Finn (NCIS), Lauren Ridloff (Children of a Lesser God) and dancer and choreographer Angel Theory.

“We have some really cool new characters for comic book fans, you’ll get to see some familiar faces,” new season 9 showrunner Angela Kang said at The Walking Dead’s Comic-Con panel Friday.

“We are opening a new chapter of the story,” Kang told THR of the new direction of the long-running series.

“[Executive producer and former showrunner] Scott Gimple has said Season Eight really closed one chapter of the show, and Season Nine is a new chapter. So, to come in to the showrunner role at that point is exciting. We’re jumping forward in time, so we get to play with the look and the feel of the show. Both from a technical level — we reviewed the filming style and continue to shoot on film — but also in terms of the way the stories and the things look onscreen. And what we’re seeing is a little bit different.

“We’re seeing the world start to break down around our characters a bit more. They run into challenges, with things like the infrastructure breaking down around them and things that they used to scavenge being in much shorter supply. We get to see a world where they’re not relying on unstable gas that’s hard to find; they are taming horses; they’re pulling wagons; they’re fashioning more hand weapons so they don’t have to rely on bullets as much. That’s been really fun. We get to play while staying true to the principles of The Walking Dead that people love. It’s a new era in terms of where our characters are at and the challenges they’re facing.”

The Walking Dead returns to AMC Sunday, October 7.

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