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Press: Platea Magazine

Press: Platea Magazine

Nadia Hilker. The 27 year old rising star that came into acting by chance and is set to become a household name.

Currently based in LA with a neat line of films and television shows under her wing, Nadia had a beautiful picturesque childhood in the German countryside – building tree houses and travelling the world with her brother, while being surrounded by a loving and supportive family. Different from other kids, Hilker’s wild hair and infectious adventurousness set her apart. Toying between a few “nice life experiences” as she calls them, life finally allowed her to listen & see the signs around her to pursue a career as an actor.

Not having finished acting school but being empathic and staying connected to herself, while having a never ending fantasy definitely helped – “Acting wasn’t always a part of my life, so I am grateful it found me – it’s all I really know and love now. When reading for a role I try to find that person within me, put myself in my characters shoes and make myself believe everything they have experienced”.

Acting is a hard and a competitive world – the Mecca of beauty and perfection… “You need self motivation in order to succeed in such an industry. Out here everything is possible, shinier and bigger. Don’t compare yourself, don’t get distracted, know your strengths and weaknesses. Success could happen today, tomorrow or maybe never. But if it happens you need to be strong enough to stay true to who you are”.

Being a happy person with a healthy combination of family and friends, and believing that happiness comes from within, Nadia became the woman she is today. “No money, fame, or good looks can fulfill you if you’re not fulfilled within”. So staying faithful, believing in karma and what’s meant to be is Hilker’s key. “Its a tough industry and I definitely wake up every now and then asking myself what the hell am I doing, but then I look back and realise what I’ve accomplished so far and keep going”.

Nadia could have ended up living a happy life as a farmer, or broker on wall street, but knowing what she knows today, she feels like the happiest person in the world – “I am very grateful that I was able to be part of a small independent film, a big franchise and a successful TV show. These are three very different formats of film-making and each one of them taught me something new”.

Being part of projects with a strong message, movies that stay with people and make them think is a preference she’d like to maintain. “Bringing a character to life is therapeutic and an exciting journey” one where herself and the character become one. As for fame, for her it comes with a lot of pros and cons where the pros outweigh the cons “It gives you a voice, a power and a responsibility to promote good in the world”.

With a smile on her face she states that she is a great cook and that writing is dearest to her heart “I don’t know whether I am a good writer or not, but writing helps me grow – explore myself, and the world. When I create stories and characters I collect pieces of myself – it’s like acting but just with myself and for myself”.

Music wise she appreciates anything coming from the heart. Michael Jackson is definitely one of her heroes, and movie wise she tries to explore. “I appreciate silent movies, action, fantasy, old classics & Disney of course! I also spend a lot of time watching documentaries, it’s like going to school!”.

Down memory lane, at 18 and not even into acting yet she remembers watching ‘Training Day’ with Denzel Washington and thinking “I want to be the female version of him!” while Sean Penn would be her dream collaboration “I love all characters he chose to play over the years, especially ‘Into the Wild’!”

We all treasure our memories but for Nadia there was a phase in her young years that she will never forget, a unique life lesson by her hero – her mother. “My Mother had cancer, she was extremely sick and had to stay in the hospital for weeks. She taught me the most important lessons during that time – how there is no life without death, that death awaits us all, and the only thing that matters is how we live our lives before we die”.

Family, friends, nature, writing, sleep, faith, love and gratitude are her must haves and she strongly believes in living life to the fullest! “We have one life, so let’s take risks and don’t be scared of failing or getting hurt. Follow your dreams, be a good person, treat others how you want to be treated, love yourself and live in the now”.

Source: Platea Magazine

Press: Nadia Hilker Will Kick Your Ass And Make You Say ‘Danke’

Press: Nadia Hilker Will Kick Your Ass And Make You Say ‘Danke’

The Divergent star admits she loves Netflix documentaries, nature walks, and assorted bad-assery… but she won’t say much about what she’s working on next.

Nadia Hilker is no stranger to hard work. Hailing from Munich, West Germany, she began acting in 2010, snagging smaller roles in German television. In 2014 she debuted in her first lead role in the German movie


—a romantic sci-fi film. It was her latest project, however, in the


series as the smart, confident, and no-nonsense Nita, that catapulted her into the spotlight.

We can also mention how her work ethic and authenticity has translated into her career. After making her mark overseas in German productions and independent films, she faced what most foreign actors must overcome: the language barrier. German was her first language along with French and Swedish. Despite the challenges, Nadia found her ‘Nita’, and Lionsgate and producers loved it.

We had a chance to sit down with Nadia to discuss more about choosing a role, sword-fighting, and loving life.

When did you know that acting was something you wanted to pursue?

I think the very first time I was standing in front of the camera. I never really went to a school for it, but I booked jobs, and I think after the first gig I knew that I really loved it and that it was something that really spoke to me. It just felt really organic and good, and I loved it right away.

Is that what brought you to Los Angeles?

I came out here in October without a return flight, and I’m really enjoying life more than ever. My management is in L.A., the industry is here, the work is here, so I said to myself, “Nadia leave your comfort zone and get in there.”

What was it like joining a cast of well-acquainted actors such as Allegiant?

It’s pretty intimidating because it’s such a huge cast and they all worked together before. Joining is always frightening, you want everyone to like you, or you hope they will. In the beginning I was not scared, but maybe a little shy. Now I’m happy and I can’t wait to go back. It’s like going to school you know, first day.

Do you resonate with Nita at all?

Yeah, she’s a very confident, strong young woman, and I definitely can say that I’m confident in my skin and myself and who I am and [Nita] just makes the best of everything. What is it? Lemons to lemonade? She’s a fighter, a warrior, doesn’t give in too easy; she fights for whatever she believes in and I would very much say that I’m same.

What would you say attracts you to taking a role?

I love playing confident, strong, women. Especially in society nowadays, it’s definitely something I love playing—giving women a role model. They’re different but also the same; I bet if you put Louise [in Spring] in the Divergent world she’d probably be the same. They’re both—in the core—the same, which I love. And I’m feeling very honored the director of Spring and Allegiant see those things in me.

Did Allegiant prepare you with any martial-arts training or kickboxing?

I wish, because I love that! I played a few characters that are like that before so I have martial arts training in the past: sword-fighting, gun training—so I’m pretty good with that by now. I wish there would’ve been more. I’m really hoping for the next one [Allegiant Pt.2] I get to do some sick stunts, it’s a lot of fun.

In reality, which faction do you identify with?

I’m everything, I’m not just one. I want to be strong, and a warrior but I want to grow my garden and take care of kids and help planet Earth but also be a scientist… If I could decide, I’d want to be everything. Let me be everything!

When you’re not acting, or working to divide the masses into a caste-like system, what does Nadia Hilker do?

I love to travel, I spent the last week in a little cottage in the mountains. Right now I’m in Phoenix. I love writing, music, I spend hours finding good music, learning, watching documentaries, working out, being in nature, cooking. I love being by myself, I don’t really go out much. I also try not to think or talk too much about Hollywood. I’m not a big fan of surrounding myself with too many people in the business. Just loving life and learning new things every day, sleeping, going for walks. It’s very fulfilling to me and I’m very happy that I’m that way. I don’t need to go to cool parties or go shopping to be happy. Everything I need, I get on a daily basis by myself, it’s nice.

Can you give us a little bit about what projects we can look forward to seeing you in next?

Yeah! I’m going to be in The 100 on CW. It airs April 21st and 27th. It’s cool—I’d say it’s a mix of Hunger Games, and Game of Thrones. It’s a great message, kind of apocalyptic. I shouldn’t say more because I’m really bad at pitching. And then we shoot the next Allegiant in June or July.

Source: Flaunt

Press: The Last Magazine

Press: The Last Magazine

Nadia Hilker had the kind of fortuitous start in the film industry which you usually only see occur in, well, films, but it’s not hard to see why it was afforded to the effervescent actress. “The first time in my life acting was on an actual movie set for an actual movie,” she recalls. She isn’t boasting, however, as she details her surprising pathway into motion pictures; in fact, the German actress describes her experiences as if she herself is confounded, in disbelief that the stardom so many tirelessly seek found her. Her excitement is equally palpable, for good reason: her biggest film to date, The Divergent Series: Allegiant, just landed in theaters and is about to introduce the 27-year-old Hilker to a whole new audience.

Raised in the idyllic countryside of Munich, Hilker had a happy upbringing. Her father and mother, married for thirty-five years, work in IT and at Lufthansa, respectively. Their professions might seem unlikely to have produced a creative talent (“No one in my family has ever been an artist or into art, or acting, or making music, or anything like that,” Hilker says), but there were signs of her adventurous spirit early on. “Because we got those really cheap [airline] tickets, on a Friday night my brother and I would be like, ‘Let’s go to Paris tomorrow,’” she recalls. “We’d take the first flight at six AM and just go to Paris and have coffee on the Champs-Élysées and go back home.”

Between hopping around Europe and building tree houses in the woods near her home, Hilker also went to ballet school, where she was discovered by a modeling agent, providing her yet another opportunity to explore the world, but it wasn’t a lasting interest. “I was never that typical model, ever,” she says. “Because I have curves, I love eating, I’m not very tall, so I did that for a couple of years, and I loved it. I traveled the world, I did a lot of catalogs, made some really good pocket money, but that was also nothing I ever wanted to do.”

Soon enough, her agent put her in touch with an acting agent, but their initial meeting was not propitious. “I was seventeen and she just looked at me and was like, ‘You’re an actor, I want you,’ and I’m like, ‘What?’” she recalls. “I never thought about acting in my life before. I didn’t trust her. I was like, ‘She’s weird, she saw me for a second and she’s telling me I’m an actor?’ So we left.”

Hilker went on to study economics in college, but after getting out of a four-year relationship, she decided she needed a major change and quit school. With the encouragement of her father, she contacted the acting agent again and immediately landed a lead role in a German television movie. It was a promising start to a career, but soon Hilker faced a reality of the industry that most women in Hollywood understand well. “In Germany, we don’t really have a lot of parts for not a girl, not yet a woman,” she explains. “So I got older, and I’m very specific looking for Germany. You work in Germany when you have blond hair and blue eyes. I never really fit in, and even here I play a lot of badass girls; strong, powerful women. We don’t really have a lot of those parts in Germany, so I didn’t really work.”
All clothing by Christian Dior.

The idle years were challenging for Hilker, who for the first time was experiencing the unforgiving nature of the film business. “That was really hard because I was always making my own money. I also got really—not depressed, but when you’re an artist or when you’re an actor you just want to, you need to work, and I didn’t,” she recalls. “I spent a lot of time sitting in my apartment just staring at the ceiling—literally talking about years here where I’m just being by myself, and I didn’t even go out. I didn’t really have a lot of friends.”

That ordeal might sound painfully familiar to any artist, but it was also a formative time in shaping Hilker’s perspective. “I was really lonely and unhappy, but looking back, I really learned to understand who Nadia is,” she says. “I learned to understand the language Nadia is speaking, and I really got connected to myself in such a strong way that I just know myself now.”
Dress by Prabal Gurung. Ring by The Gilded Fox.

At the time, however, she was ready to abandon film and reinvest her time into traveling by applying to be an airline stewardess. Once again, her parents recognized acting was an integral part of her life and convinced her to keep at it. “They saw that I suffered by not doing it,” she recalls. She agreed to continue acting for one more year, a pivotal time which yielded her most significant role thus far, in the 2015 American film Spring.

Critically acclaimed, Spring is equal parts romance, horror, and sci-fi, starring Lou Taylor Pucci as a man who is increasingly drawn to the mystery and charm of Hilker’s unusual character, Louise. “When I read the script, I just totally fell in love with Louise,” Hilker recalls. “I was like, this is the kind of girl I want to be like, in terms of her character, the message of the movie, and love and living in the moment.”

That performance opened up doors for Hilker, who unexpectedly found herself auditioning for Allegiant not long after. “I told my managers, ‘Guys, I don’t have to do this, it’s a big part in a huge Hollywood franchise, we all know I’m not going to get that part,’” she recalls. “And I’m not that person, I never say no to a chance even though it’s one percent, but I was one hundred percent sure. You don’t get those parts, especially when you’re from Germany. You don’t get that part.”

Of course, she did get the part, as Nita, whom she describes as a “very fierce, strong, good, confident, competent young woman.” Most of her scenes are alongside Theo James’s character Four, and the two build up considerable romantic tension, to the chagrin of many fans. “Before there was anything about me online, I was reading the nastiest things about Nita,” Hilker recollects, but that proved to be a merely humorous aspect of the job. Coming into the third film of a franchise with a cast of “Next Big Things” (Ansel Elgort, Shailene Woodley, Miles Teller, Zoë Kravitz, etc.) was more stress inducing. “I got bullied a lot in school because I was weird. I was dressed up like Erykah Badu when I was ten. I was always kind of different,” Hilker admits. “That fear came back. They’ve all worked together, they have inside jokes, they know each other, they became friends, and you’re like the new kid.”

She wasn’t the only new cast member, finding a friend in Bill Skarsgård (son of Stellan and brother of Alex), but by the end of shooting, her fears were quelled. “It was intimidating and nerve-wracking, totally, but we all became friends, and it is even more beautiful to go back and hang out with them and shoot the next one.”

Hilker keeps quiet otherwise on the details of the next and final installment in the series, which begins shooting in Atlanta this summer, but she has still only barely experienced the full reaction to this one. In the meantime, she’ll also appear next month in Collide, a thriller also starring Nicholas Hoult and Felicity Jones. After a rollercoaster start in the industry, having a platform from which careers flourish and the certainty of a fanbase must be a relief, at the very least. But it hasn’t hit her yet. Soon enough, she might feel like the star she’s on her way to becoming, but for now she’s just embracing the challenges, the serendipity, the adventure. “I try to not really think about it. I just try to do my job, go to Trader Joe’s, make my almond milk every morning, hang out with my friends,” she says. “Ask me next time we see each other.”

Source: The Last Magazine