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Nadia Hilker. The 27 year old rising star that came into acting by chance and is set to become a household name.

Currently based in LA with a neat line of films and television shows under her wing, Nadia had a beautiful picturesque childhood in the German countryside – building tree houses and travelling the world with her brother, while being surrounded by a loving and supportive family. Different from other kids, Hilker’s wild hair and infectious adventurousness set her apart. Toying between a few “nice life experiences” as she calls them, life finally allowed her to listen & see the signs around her to pursue a career as an actor.

Not having finished acting school but being empathic and staying connected to herself, while having a never ending fantasy definitely helped – “Acting wasn’t always a part of my life, so I am grateful it found me – it’s all I really know and love now. When reading for a role I try to find that person within me, put myself in my characters shoes and make myself believe everything they have experienced”.

Acting is a hard and a competitive world – the Mecca of beauty and perfection… “You need self motivation in order to succeed in such an industry. Out here everything is possible, shinier and bigger. Don’t compare yourself, don’t get distracted, know your strengths and weaknesses. Success could happen today, tomorrow or maybe never. But if it happens you need to be strong enough to stay true to who you are”.

Being a happy person with a healthy combination of family and friends, and believing that happiness comes from within, Nadia became the woman she is today. “No money, fame, or good looks can fulfill you if you’re not fulfilled within”. So staying faithful, believing in karma and what’s meant to be is Hilker’s key. “Its a tough industry and I definitely wake up every now and then asking myself what the hell am I doing, but then I look back and realise what I’ve accomplished so far and keep going”.

Nadia could have ended up living a happy life as a farmer, or broker on wall street, but knowing what she knows today, she feels like the happiest person in the world – “I am very grateful that I was able to be part of a small independent film, a big franchise and a successful TV show. These are three very different formats of film-making and each one of them taught me something new”.

Being part of projects with a strong message, movies that stay with people and make them think is a preference she’d like to maintain. “Bringing a character to life is therapeutic and an exciting journey” one where herself and the character become one. As for fame, for her it comes with a lot of pros and cons where the pros outweigh the cons “It gives you a voice, a power and a responsibility to promote good in the world”.

With a smile on her face she states that she is a great cook and that writing is dearest to her heart “I don’t know whether I am a good writer or not, but writing helps me grow – explore myself, and the world. When I create stories and characters I collect pieces of myself – it’s like acting but just with myself and for myself”.

Music wise she appreciates anything coming from the heart. Michael Jackson is definitely one of her heroes, and movie wise she tries to explore. “I appreciate silent movies, action, fantasy, old classics & Disney of course! I also spend a lot of time watching documentaries, it’s like going to school!”.

Down memory lane, at 18 and not even into acting yet she remembers watching ‘Training Day’ with Denzel Washington and thinking “I want to be the female version of him!” while Sean Penn would be her dream collaboration “I love all characters he chose to play over the years, especially ‘Into the Wild’!”

We all treasure our memories but for Nadia there was a phase in her young years that she will never forget, a unique life lesson by her hero – her mother. “My Mother had cancer, she was extremely sick and had to stay in the hospital for weeks. She taught me the most important lessons during that time – how there is no life without death, that death awaits us all, and the only thing that matters is how we live our lives before we die”.

Family, friends, nature, writing, sleep, faith, love and gratitude are her must haves and she strongly believes in living life to the fullest! “We have one life, so let’s take risks and don’t be scared of failing or getting hurt. Follow your dreams, be a good person, treat others how you want to be treated, love yourself and live in the now”.

Source: Platea Magazine

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